Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Burning man

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Burning man

Amazing shots from one of the best events on the planet. An insight into a culture, people and places. When I see this images i'm jealous, jealous of what these people get to experience and makes me want to put it onto my bucket list!!!

Landscape Photography - Country lane

West Yorkshire - Britain

Country Lane

Monday, 1 September 2014

Bomb craters - Henning Rogge

Amazing Documentary series of one of the most destructive periods of time in human history, yet beauty is seen in all of his images that contain such destructive elements, interesting subject matter and great photography it would make a great photobook!!!

Link below

British Photography - Architecture

British Architecture 

British Street Photography - William Kneeshaw

Stand up straight

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Photography art - Fruit & Veg

Advertisement Concept
Mini University Brief

Leeds Brigate arcade

Shot of the historic shopping arcade in Leeds with great light coming from the light coming through the stained glass.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Britain - Leeds

Leeds is my city of choice in the UK, I study here for 6 months of the year and live in the city. Leeds is a creative city, a centre for creatives and is perfect for professionals and amateur photographers to start creating work. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and the city itself is full of wonderful people that are great to document. The people are friendly which helps you to blend in when you have a camera placed in front of your face. The image below is of the Leeds market, a building that has stood for over 100 years and hosts small stalls selling everything from fish to furniture.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Book Project

Book Project,
Some images from my Photobook "Time out"

My book Looked at Street Photography in Leeds in the UK, I wanted to highlight the busy city by looking at the few people who take the time during their day to have a break and take a time out. I went with black & white as this prevented the eye being caught by bright colours in the background, this helped you to focus on the subject matter of the images.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Street Photography - Personal portfolio

An Image I took whilst being out and about crawling the streets of Leeds looking for images for a one day brief that I received. Portrait format black and white with fine natural lighting, please share and comment.

Peter Mitchell - Article and Images

Found this article from 2013, it shows some of the work that i saw during the talk. His work is based in Leeds and the particular set of images in the article look at Leeds in the 1970's and the changing society

British Photographers

Guest speaker Peter Mitchell

A documentary photographer based in leeds Pete had a great personality and didn't take himself serious and admitted to not fully knowing what he's doing when snapping his images. This point just makes his work more impressive, his obvious talent just comes naturally to him with his creative skill being expressed in his images. The talk gave me ideas for photographing in Leeds, which was the point of the talk as well listening to someone who is both successful and a nice guy who you"d want to go for a pint with in the local boozer, great first speaker to have and only reassures me that i'm in the right place to study photography, Peter deserves the recognition he gets in Britain.

Personal Introduction

My name is Will Kneeshaw, I have just enrolled at Leeds college of art. I am currently studying a BA(Hons) degree in Photography. One of our first tasks was to setup this blog with the aim to record our progress during my three years as well as talk about my past experiences within photography and interests that I have developed through studying the subject.

 My father showed an interest in the subject when I was growing up but never took it as far as buying a camera until a cheap point and shoot camera came with a bundle when purchasing a printer, we began taking photos and from then on the interest grew to the point where we shared a pass time. As I began secondary school the option to take photography became available giving me the perfect chance to develop my skills and become obsessed with the subject 

Prior to studying and Leeds college of art I completed two years studying A levels one of them being photography. My interests grew during this period to the point where I wanted to make a living from photography. At the moment all I know is that a career in photography is what I desire, however my current aim is to keep an open mind to any form of photography practice and during these three years I would like to sample all areas of the subject, this way I will get the most out of the years I spend studying here and help me to judge where I want to take the skills I will acquire during my study.